VAPE Revamp

💨The problem with VAPE💨 - Low liquidity, UI issues, & contract limitations.

🔥The problems with VAPORBURN🔥 - doesn’t have the ability to whitelist an address. If we were to set up farming for this token, then the user would effectively have to burn 10% of their tokens just to stake or unstake.

🧙The solution for both🧙 - a solid start & foundation. A presale for a new token that combines elements of both tokens & improves them. Top holders of both tokens will automatically qualify for the presale. Others will have to create a VAPE meme in order to qualify.

👽What this solution will provide👽 - continue the VAPE design & concept with great liquidity, solid UI, & NFTs at the start.

If we don’t fix these problems now, then both tokens will continue to suffer.